Thought I'd try to learn Node.js and write an online multiplayer game in 100 Hrs for the Extra Credits Jam #3.

Runs in the browser, supports touch for mobile devices. Recommended browser is chrome, firefox should work too, other browsers maybe not. Controls are purely mouse movement or touch.

Grab a friend and go head to head in showdown mode, or try your luck in quick mode, or just hang out in Zen mode for a while.

Note: If you come back here some time after March 2019 and multiplayer isn't running, it's likely because the server is no longer running. I'll attach the source code for the server so you can spin up your own if you like.

Also Note: Due to time limitations, the game finish state in multiplayer is a freeze frame followed by a game reset, there wasn't time to add a win message.

Thanks for trying my game, please leave a comment and let me know what you think :)

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