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Thanks for looking at my game, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it, and congratulations to everyone who made a game for the Extra Credits game Jam!


Bug Alert! If you left click the mouse when any dialogue window is open, the dialogue indie won't close. Left clicking isn't needed to finish the game.



Part A:

WASD -> Directional movement

Space -> Fire Ship's Laser

Part B:

WASD -> Directional movement

E -> Interact

(LeftClick -> Fire laser turret - only during turret section)

There are 2 ways to play this game:

1. However you want, I'm not your boss. There are a couple of points where the story might play out of sequence, but that's fine and won't block progress or anything.

2. Follow this walkthrough so the story plays in the correct order:

==== Walkthrough ====

1. Pilot the ship towards the planet using WASD

2. Admire sparkly stars (required)

3. Use spaces bar to fire laser and navigate through asteroid field

4. Fail to reach planet (optional)

5. Turn around using mouse look, then use WASD to approach the box on the wall. Use E to interact with the box.

6. Read dialogue aloud, using a different voice for each character (optional)

7. Choose to go either left or right

8A. Left - approach the laser turret activation station, activate the turret with E, then face the window and left click to fire the laser. When the asteroids have been destroyed, approach the nearby box on the wall.

8B. Right - go through the large door, and interact with the auxiliary shield activation station using E. Approach the box on the wall.

9. Go back to the central corridor and through to the room opposite the broken door where you started. Interact with box here.

10. Go to the laser turret room (opposite the shield activation room) and interact with the box here.

==== Fin ====

All assets (including art & music) were made by me, Chengarda during the extra credits game jam December 2018. Made with Unreal Engine 4.


Install instructions

Download, and unzip the archive. Locate and run SpacialAwareness.exe

Please comment if you have any issues running the game (or spot any game-breaking bugs while playing).


SpacialAwareness.zip 498 MB

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